Vrind is a strong advocate for youth and senior rights. From a young age Vrind

has been coordinating charity and community events. He recently coordinated a

fifth annual senior's event with major success. His involvement has led to those

without a strong voice to be heard. Planning community events has helped Vrind

envision a brighter future for Etobicoke North. The underprivileged community

members are a main concern for Vrind. Other areas of focus are health, education

and social welfare. Using his high energy and drive for success, Vrind will put your

rights at the forefront. Vrind's youthful outlook and modern take on today's

issues will enable him to bring a fresh element to this riding. Vrind graduated

from York University in 2009. With your help and support, Vrind looks forward to

helping make this riding a more successful and sustainable community. Join our

campaign for change.

Vrind Sharma, Your Leader, Your Voice

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